Pursuant to RCW 57.08.016, Birch Bay Water & Sewer District (“District”) is offering three unimproved real properties for public sale within Double R Ranch development at Birch Bay in Whatcom County, Washington. Per state law, these properties have been appraised as follows: Lot 10W (Tax Parcel no. 400129 136324) - $35,000; Lot 80 (Tax Parcel no. 400129 014282) - $30,000; and Lots 84 & 84A (Tax Parcel nos. 400129 221360 & 400129 241365) - $30,000. Lots 10 and 80 will be sold separately and lots 84 and 84A will be sold as one property. Lot 84A alone is not believed to be a buildable lot. All bids must identify the Lot number of the property for which the bid is made, state the bid price, and be signed by bidder or authorized agent of bidder. Bidders intending to place a bid on more than one property shall submit a separate sealed bid for each property. Sealed bids must be on a form supplied by the District and must be received in hand at the District office (7096 Point Whitehorn Road, Birch Bay) no later than 4:00 pm on Thursday, August 28, 2014. 

Sale shall be under the following terms: Purchase price and recording costs to be paid in full by cash, cashier’s check or certified check by 4:30 p.m. on September 5, 2014, or the District may sell to the next highest bidder. All lots conveyed “as is” by Quit Claim Deed following receipt of full payment. General facilities connection charges for sewer and water and any other normal charges associated with initiation of water and sewer service will be due at the time of connection to the District system. All property was acquired by Sheriffs’ Deed following foreclosure. Title insurance will be provided by seller. Seller to pay excise tax, if not exempt. Seller will remove any outstanding District water and sewer assessments from each property sold; each property will be conveyed free and clear of District water and sewer assessments. Lot 80 will be conveyed free and clear of lien and agreement for payment of general facilities charges recorded under Whatcom County A. F. No. 1971101082; provided that, connection charges shall be due at the time of connection to District system. Real property taxes and Double R Ranch dues, assessments, or charges will be prorated to the date of sale. Recording fees to be paid by Buyer. Buyer is responsible for all costs incurred related to Buyer’s purchase. 

Per the sale process prescribed by the above RCW, no parcel shall be sold for less than ninety percent (90%) of the appraised value. All sealed bids will be opened and reviewed by the Board of Commissioners at the regular board meeting on August 28, 2014, beginning at 4:30 pm. Bids containing any contingencies on purchase will be rejected. The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids for good cause. The District also reserves the right to waive minor irregularities. Any person desiring to inspect the appraisal document or commitment for title insurance and preliminary title report for any property may do so at the District office, 7096 Pt Whitehorn Road in Birch Bay. Any questions about this sale should be directed to the Assistant General Manager, Dan Eisses, at 360-371-7100.
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